Composer/Concert Pianist/Arranger/Producer
Genre: New Age, Classical Crossover, Contemporary Instrumental
ASCAP Popular Awards Recipient 2002 – 2014, ZMR Music Awards 2012: Album of the Year (Compilation)
7-Time Music Awards Nominee

Prodigious technique encased in effortless grace; Sweeten’s signature sound never disappoints as these new melodies bring new heights to her illustrious career. A musical journey, at once metaphysically uplifting, intellectually stimulating and emotionally powerful. 

“There is no greater compliment I can give any musician than to say they have their own artistic voice: They are uniquely themselves and bring something utterly their own to the world. Ann Sweeten is one of those rare musicians. This is Ann’s 12th album and it is without question her most ambitious and her most successful. The grace one associates with Ann’s performance has been matched by what I believe are the best melodies of her career. Really brilliant.”

Will Ackerman

Founder, Windham Hill Records

“…musical moment of genius…Sweeten’s best work so far – she has pushed the boundaries, she has seized the moment and rightfully so, has created an album that is both beautiful and deeply meaningful. Ann Sweeten has gone for it, and her courage and commitment and her passion will win you over with ease. This is one album you don’t have to think about getting, just do it, It is outstanding.”

Steve Sheppard

One World Music

“In addition to Ann’s impeccable talents as a pianist, composer and arranger, the unseen, but deeply felt, spiritual dimension that she brings to her music takes her elegant compositions to another level altogether. This latest release by Ann Sweeten, like the butterfly itself, is a thing of delicate beauty in motion symbolizing grace, transformation, and renewal. After 12 albums, Ann’s music continues to evolve into greater and greater levels of refinement and creative expression. … an inspired work of art from one of the genre’s premier pianists.”

Michael Diamond

Music and Media Focus

“..a thoroughly outstanding album…Deeply passionate about the environment and its many afflictions, Ann so eloquently conveys a message of environmental awareness through her music, expressing her passion with originality, sentimentality and immaculate beauty.”

Candice Michelle


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