Concert Pianist/Composer/Arranger/Producer
Genre: New Age, Pop Classical, Contemporary Instrumental/Classical Crossover
ZMR MUSIC AWARDS 2012 – Album of the Year (Compilation)
Nine Time Music Awards Nominee

Ann Sweeten’s first Original Solo Piano Album – a reflection on the work she has done at Imaginary Road Studios over the past decade, across 5 albums (and 55 compositions) co-produced by Sweeten and Will Ackerman. The goal was to offer a dozen of these compositions as solo piano pieces for the first time and to create a playlist sequence that would flow seamlessly from one to the other but yet stand apart to showcase the very wide diversity and breadth of her compositions and nuance of performance. All compositions were re-mixed and re-mastered completely to create this new entity. 

“I have witnessed a brilliant pianist and composer become ever more brilliant with each release. Flying Solo Silhouette is a collection of her finest work.”

Will Ackerman

Founder, Windham Hill Records

Critics have been giving Ann Sweeten rave reviews throughout her career. The following is a sampling of the accolades awarded to her: “a pianist whose abilities are unrivaled”; “musical genius”; “ beauty incarnate”; “ inimitable”; “reminiscent of something written by the great impressionists, out of the ordinary..”; “one of the most instantly recognizable ‘voices’ in contemporary instrumental music”; “musical Narnia”; “exquisite music performed by a consummate musician”; “the touch of a master”; “a true maestro at work”; “outstanding technique”; “ her astute control of nuance and tempo will beguile you”; “astounding ability to paint a vivid picture”; “the music bears hints of the musical masters’ phrasing in the music. I hear notes of Barber, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Brahms..”; “You can’t call this music ‘Jazz’, nor can you pigeonhole it as ‘New Age’.. because it’s purely/simply Ann’ .”; “..I could feel a Higher Power within each song. It is hypnotically intoxicating. Sweeten is a gifted and anointed spirit to be sure”. 

Whatever words you may use to describe this artist, her music is always timeless, elegant and classic, always Ann Sweeten.

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