Concert Pianist/Composer/Arranger/Producer
Genre: New Age, Pop Classical, Contemporary Instrumental/Classical Crossover
ASCAP POPULAR AWARDS RECIPIENT 2002-2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020
ZMR MUSIC AWARDS 2012 – Album of the Year (Compilation)
Fourteen-Time Music Awards Nominee

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ann Sweeten for 15 years. In that entire time I’ve never known her to settle for anything less than brilliance in her composition and performance. Her latest album, Change Is in the Wind, furthers her legacy as one of the most talented pianists and composers on the scene today.”

Will Ackerman

Founder, Windham Hill Records

Change Is in the Wind is yet another chapter in pianist Ann Sweeten’s musical “life’s story,” beautifully yet simply told, with no maudlin sentimentality, featuring her now characteristic flowing melodicism and laced throughout with elements of reflection, gentle melancholy, and a newfound sense of contentment.  Superb production, stellar guest artists, it’s a winner in every regard.”

Bill Binkelman

Wind and Wire

“Ann and her Steinway Baby Grand Model B will sweep you away into another time and place, the mists of time melt away, and your feelings are engaged and pictures will enter your mind. ..gorgeous representation of instrumental piano work. Music without words can be more powerful than heartfelt lyrics. Ann Sweeten has mastered that artistry and Change Is in the Wind is another documentary of her amazing life and talent.”

Keith Hannaleck

New Age Music Reviews

“Brilliant piano performances… absolutely wonderful and vibrant…” Most Highly Recommended with a Perfect 5.0 score as my pick for “most peaceful piano album.”

Dick Metcalf

Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Sweeten’s brilliant compositions are enhanced via meticulous performances. Her smooth melodies flow nicely as she delivers tasty instrumental efforts that take New Age music to a new level.”

Bob Morello

Boston Post-Gazette

“The ‘neo-classical’ and ‘instrumental’ categories are incredibly broad. The character of the music, the instrumentation, the proficiency of the performers… you really get all kinds. Getting the attention of the listening public, breaking out from the pack, may be a difficult proposition, but *standing* out once observed is inevitable if you’ve got the goods. Ann Sweeten has got the goods. She has more than a dozen albums to her credit, and on September 3rd, 2021 she will release her latest, the lovely Change is In the Wind.”

Patricia Mullen

Facing North

“…extraordinary soundscape, created out of the drive to share light and hope. Soul-stirringly beautiful, Change Is in the Wind is a treasure for both personal and public library instrumental music collections.”

James Cox

Midwest Book Review

“The material on the release Change Is In the Wind transcends categorization in blending chamber classical and New Age into music of beguiling beauty.”

Ron Schepper

“There can be no doubt that Ann Sweeten is one of the most artistic performers of her day… one of the most emotive and descriptive pianists of her age. Change Is In the Wind is a ground breaking and heart-warming release, a game changer of an album.. from the very thoughts and meditations of the creative mind of Ann Sweeten, comes her best work so far, and through that work we can all take note of our own journeys, and allow that change to take place.”

Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

Ann Sweeten’s newest offering, Change Is in the Wind, is a breathtaking and breath-catching collection of passionate instrumentals rendered with prodigious technique and mesmerizing melodic sensibility. Standout guest musicians include: Nancy Rumbel (English Horn), Eugene Friesen (Cello), and Charlie Bisharat (Violin). Though born out of the Pandemic, Change Is in the Wind bursts forth from the composer’s soul and blooms lushly on the ears and in the mind of the listener. Once again, Sweeten finds the path to light amidst the darkness and has said in her own words: “This time, and not for a long time, my music is coming from a place of Peace. It’s been kind of surreal actually, as if the heartaches of the past have been freed and I am floating in an aura of completeness, of understanding and release, Turning the Page, as it were… Change Is in the Wind, represents a glance in the rearview mirror of my life, but, with an Emergence into the light and peace of the Present.”

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