Concert Pianist/Composer/Arranger/Producer
Genre: New Age, Pop Classical, Contemporary Instrumental/Classical Crossover
ASCAP POPULAR AWARDS RECIPIENT 2002-2014, 2016, 2018, 2019
ZMR MUSIC AWARDS 2012 – Album of the Year (Compilation)
Thirteen-Time Music Awards Nominee

“The Further Evolution from a pianist who has always delivered musical brilliance.”

Will Ackerman

Founder, Windham Hill Records

“Sweeten has vanquished cancer twice and now is faced with a third go round.  With the spirit she imbues her new age/contemporary instrumental piano playing with and the friends that are gathered here around her, you can hear and feel why this is the kind of set that could reignite new age back into the mainstream, this is the kind of quality music that Duke Ellington would refuse to label.  Simply as good as it gets.”

Midwest Record

“A small instrumental ensemble with piano offers a nearly unlimited range of textures, sounds, and melodic range. Sweeten takes full advantage of her talented musical guests, but it’s clear when listening that her passions and emotions are the engine driving the music. The depth of heart and soul invested into these songs is pretty mind-blowing, but it wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if the music wasn’t fully supported by top-notch skill and musicianship. Exceptional music, light years above and beyond other neo-classic genre productions.”

Elizabeth Hazel

Facing North

Ann Sweeten’s newest offering, Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow, is a tour de force of emotion, technical prowess and prodigious composition. Standout guest musicians include:   Nancy Rumbel (English Horn), Eugene Friesen (Cello), Charlie Bisharat (Violin), Premik Russell Tubbs (Soprano Saxophone), Trisha Craig (Flute).   During the album’s conception Ann was diagnosed with Leukemia. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow refers to the time before diagnosis, and then to the horizon, beyond the immediate, with hope for the future. The liner notes in entirety are a must read.

In Ann’s own words:

“I have never needed a wake-up call in life thru diagnosis or event, as I have always felt so very present and awake, but this third diagnosis has dropped me to my knees, and in a way I can’t explain, the world is different, my life is different, my reactions are different, my patience is greater, my capacity for forgiveness as well. Life itself seems so fragile that I hold it like a wounded bird, so that it may grow well within my care and fly free again, carrying music on its wing.”

Reviewers’ Praise

“With a team of consummate professionals behind her, Ann Sweeten has pulled off a masterstroke of an album, one that will stir your emotions, that will leave you deeply moved, that will inspire you…”

Steve Sheppard

One World Music

“…an emotional roller coaster of ten cuts…excellent music”

Bob Morello

Boston Post-Gazette

“Ann Sweeten is an outstanding new age musician…This music is beyond heartfelt. The notes seem to come from somewhere deep down inside of Ann Sweeten, and fortunately for us, she lets them out into our world.”

Magle International Music Forums

Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow is her story set to music. Words are not necessary with such talent at the keys. The eloquence and beauty of piano instrumental music reach new heights for the artist on this release.”

Keith Hannaleck

New Age Music Reviews

“Ann Sweeten gives the world one musical gift after another… a new age music stalwart, a beloved composer and performer who can be counted on to always deliver the goods. Her melodies are always terrific.. they simply work..they make you feel.”

Buzz Music

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