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Tapestries of Time

Released: 2014


Available as a physical CD or digital download. The digital download comes complete with the album’s liner notes.

“Some people are heroes. They don’t wear capes but they do fly. Ann Sweeten is one of those. Music is her super power and she uses it with dead on laser accuracy. Beauty, grace and selflessness come out of every note. If you want an album that will take your breath away, you won’t want to miss Tapestries of Time.”

Dana Wright – New Age Music Reviews

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1. Afterglow


3. Endless Sky
4. Hypnotique
5. Ventanas al Mar
6. Of Clouds and Dreams
7. Send Me an Angel
8. Tapestries of Time
9. The Great Divide
10. The Hourglass
11. Riversong
The pieces on this album have to do with time in some concept or other. There may be a direct reference, a captured moment, an isolated experience or inspiration drawn from a particular event, the idea of infinity and limitless possibility. Some of the titles, including the very album title, speak for themselves such as “Afterglow,” “The Hourglass,” “Endless Sky” and “CAVU” (an aviation term for “Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited”) dedicated to my Father, a former WWII Navy Pilot.
Album Notes (continued)

“Hypnotique” was written during Hurricane Sandy’s raging wrath. Fortunately, living where I do, we did not experience the severe devastation in NY, NJ and the surrounding areas. Rather, the high winds and dramatic skies lulled me into a cocoon of creativity, effectively hypnotized by the power of nature. “Of Clouds and Dreams,” was written during the February 2013 Blizzard – that powdery white stuff is also pretty compelling to both writers and composers.

In March of 2013, I was vacationing in Cozumel, Mexico and was out driving around the island when we came upon a small hotel, very rustic, no electricity to speak of, but looking out on wild seas and jagged cliffs. It was, in a word, beautiful. Then I noticed the little sign for it, which said, “Ventanas Al Mar” – Windows to the Sea – and I thought it a perfect title echoing the idea of time in the endless, limitless view, it so graciously offered.

Sometimes, the idea of waiting – caged, tethered or bound – is so devastatingly injurious, so monumentally depressing, that it sadly becomes the bleakest tapestry an innocent experiences. “Send Me an Angel” was written for and is dedicated to all Laboratory Animals, in the here and now, and to all those that have gone before, finally free of their unconscionable suffering. It is written from their perspective:

“I tried so hard throughout the years,
To hold to hope through dreaded fear.
I’ve wished so hard amidst the tears,
For simple freedom, strange souvenir.
Angel, Send me an Angel now,
For I’m so weary, Help me, somehow…”

Let us pray that “there will come a time when the world will look back to modern vivisection in the name of Science, as they now look back upon burning witches at the stake in the name of Religion”.
Henry J. Bigelow, MD

“Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called “Medical Research”.
George Bernard Shaw

“Riversong” is about a place dear to my heart that remains timeless – there long before me and certain to remain long after. Conversely, my memories there, fleeting moments of sunlight framed by the banks of this most majestic waterway, are almost mocked, by the river’s never-ending flow.

“The Great Divide,” which was inspired by a poem I wrote many years ago, speaks to the line between childhood and adulthood. The song “Toyland,” (music by Victor Herbert, lyrics by Mel Leven and Glen MacDonough) states that “once you cross its’ borders, you can never return again.” But my poem, which follows here, actually implies that though there is the psychological and emotional chasm between the two entities of child and adult, the 2 characters in the poem, are one and the same and not really so far apart after all, especially when one is careful to keep alive the magical light of one’s inner child!

The Great Divide

I reached out my hand to the little child
And though she clung to me, I couldn’t cross the great divide.
I see she’s fair like me, has eyes like me
But is blind to whom she’ll be.

Little one, I’d love to come and play,
but through the many years, all my dolls I’ve put away.
Now, go ahead without me, play without a care,
Build your castles in the sand, I’ll picture myself there.

I look to her to find the seeds for all I sow.
She always loves to see me and hates it when I go.
We share our stories and she doesn’t seem to mind,
My castles and my princes are of just a different kind.

Little one, perhaps another day,
I know you’ll come and find me, If I chance to slip away.
So go along without me, play without a care
Build your castles in the sand, I’ll always be right there.

Despite the distance, we’re not so far apart.
I keep her safe inside me, her heart’s within my heart.
We love to laugh and hate to cry. We build our bridges to the sky….
But when my castle burned and all my princes fade
She turns and somehow knows, you get but one parade.

In life, the hourglass is yours…may the tapestries you weave therein be rich and filled with love,
Ann Sweeten


Performances in order of appearance

Ann Sweeten
Steinway Baby Grand, Model B

Eugene Friesen 
Cello (Afterglow, Send me an Angel)

Akane Setiawan 
English horn (Afterglow, Tapestries of Time, Riversong)
Oboe (Riversong)

Andrew Eng 
Violin (CAVU, The Great Divide)

Richard Sebring
French horn (Endless Sky, Riversong)

Will Ackerman 
Acoustic Guitar (Ventanas al Mar)

Noah Wilding 
Vocals (Of Clouds and Dreams)

Jeff Oster 
Flugelhorn (Of Clouds and Dreams)

I want to extend a big thank you to all the musicians who brought their passion and unique vision to this project. You are all wonderful!


Produced by Ann Sweeten and Will Ackerman

Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios,
Windham County, VT

Performances by Akane Setiawan recorded at David Kean’s Audities Foundation Studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada www.audities.org

Performances by Andrew Eng recorded at Universal Noise Storage, Newburyport, MA www.universalnoisestorage.com

Composed and performed by Ann Sweeten

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton:
At Imaginary Road Studios

Visual Artistic Direction and Photography by Randy Yoder:
RBY Photography, Salem, MA

Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers:
Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A.

Piano Technician:
William Ballard

“Ann’s beautiful piano work is simply stunning on this new CD eleven fresh pieces that will soothe your ears and your mind for the duration! The opening track, “Afterglow”, is worth the purchase price; I love this one. I’ve reviewed her work for many years now, and found this new CD to be her crowning achievement; if you’re not totally captivated by “Hypnotique”, you should go watch basketball or the latest episode of “Cops”. It was the title track, “Tapestries of Time”, that caught my vote for personal favorite on this one. the recording is flawless, and the emotions roll right through her fingers. For listeners who must have some keyboard in their lineup, this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99. Get more information at Ann’s website.”

Rotcod Zzaj, Rating: Most Highly Recommended


“Having reviewed Ann’s previous album, In the Wake, her musical evolution is evident in the deeply personal and heartfelt compositions of Tapestries of Time. The sensitivity she brings to each piece draws the listener into a musical world of emotionally inspiring melodies and rich visual imagery for the mind’s eye. While the focus of the album is on “time”, what I was most struck by was the sense of timelessness that is evoked by Ann’s elegant compositions, artful arrangements and flawless performance.”

Music and Media Focus, Rating: 5 Stars


“Ms. Sweeten has the fingers of an angel and the heart of a warrior. She has won her own personal fight with cancer and helps others to do the same, all the while trying to protect the animals that get thrown in the middle. Some people are heroes. They don’t wear capes but they do fly. Ann Sweeten is one of those. Music is her super power and she uses it with dead on laser accuracy. Beauty, grace and selflessness come out of every note. If you want an album that will take your breath away, you won’t want to miss Tapestries of Time.”

Muzikreviews.com, Rating: 5 Stars


“Having such a stunning success, Ann Sweeten does not stop in her creative work; she goes further and her music becomes more profound, emotional… there is so much poetry in the music of Ann Sweeten. All her compositions are exquisite and bright. Listening to Tapestries of Time you can easily plunge in the inner world of the artist, full of deep and sincere emotional experiences. Ann Sweeten is a virtuoso pianist and her arrangements are truly perfect. The music is filled with contemplation and love..”

Serge Kozlovsky


“Very many acoustic threads have woven this bright musical tapestry which depicts the fullness of Ann’s life, calling forth surprisingly subtle, harmonious, and delicate music. It must be noted that Ann’s friends bring many bright colors to this album. All these musicians have worked together before, but Ann’s talent elicits a pure chemical reaction from their collaboration, which is capable of bringing forth an entire world of genuine emotion and luminous feelings.”



“There are certain musicians that I really look forward to receiving an album from and I am happy to say Ann Sweeten is one of them. After the outstanding “In the Wake” we now have an utterly brilliant release called Tapestries of Time, this takes Sweeten beyond her previous work and into the land of musical Narnia with an album that leaks quality through every pore. Tapestries of Time by Ann Sweeten will entrance you and will woo you with its delicate magnificence and with its splendor. It is an album of pure graceful intent and exquisite beauty and should you have the good sense to purchase this album, your musical heart will love you forever.”

Steve Sheppard – One World Music


“Ann Sweeten’s CD “Tapestries of Time” is such a gorgeous treat. Melodic, moody, touching. This is music for the soul. This is a lovely disc, one to play when you need to draw upon inner strength. Enjoy!

Lee Armstrong, Rating: 5 Stars on Amazon


“Pianist Ann Sweeten possesses one of the most easily recognizable musical motifs among all the pianists recording original compositions today. The elegant simplicity of Sweeten’s compositions and her astute control of nuance and tempo will beguile you, along with the spot-on additions from the various other artists.”

Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter


“…Tapestries of Time begins with “Afterglow,” a gorgeous opening… Tranquility permeates this piece so thoroughly that it can instantly soothe and relax, letting the listener know from the first notes that this is no ordinary piano album. Sweeten has a delicate touch that perfectly expresses the grace and elegance of her music… beautiful collection.”

Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com


“Tapestries of Time is composed of beautiful piano music… a wonderful creation to listen to. Her piano talent expands and brings forth yet another musical vision.

Judy Wolf, Spirit Seeker