Prism (CD)


“A soothing musical gem of original compositions, Prism warms the senses…Instrumental majesty…sparkles with tranquility.”
-Metronome Magazine



When one great song is silenced, another is lifted on the wind to fill the void. The last dusky Seaside Sparrow sang the final song of extinction and composer/pianist Ann Sweeten took up the task of filling the soundless space he left behind. Extinction is the most tragic of human legacies and Orange Band Records shouts the warning.

Out of this tragedy, insight is born. If you have ever tilted your eyes skyward and celebrated the soaring majesty of flight, Sweeten’s piano compositions will lift your heart. Hers is the music of our Earth. What does an autumn leaf sound like as it turns and twists to the ground? When the orange sun spreads out over the horizon and invites dusk under its misty amber veil, does the earth celebrate or mourn the day’s end? If the steady rhythm of ocean swells were silent but for a second, what would the seagull hear?

These questions strive to be answered within Sweeten’s compelling piano renderings. The earth’s abundance is reflected in “Prism” with sincerity, proficiency and sweet abandon.