Passage (CD)


“Tender, heartfelt solo piano compositions reminiscent of George Winston…Through her delicate fingering, the listener finds a gentle respite from the stresses of a busy day in this musical sanctuary that provides the blessed gifts of relaxation and peace. So lower the lighting and drift slowly and gracefully through these melancholy remembrances of the “Passage” from fear to love. Recommended for lovers of solo piano music.”
-Omega New Age Directory



Passage is a Journey that requires no suitcases and it begins with a dream, for we are all mere shadows of ourselves without one.

Halfway Home
Halfway Down the Path, I turned and looked Behind
The Strangest things, did come to Mind..

Born a Daughter, Dreamed I could be King
Would I be a Mother, would I wear His ring?
Crossroads are many, seem to never End;
My Velvet Memories, All that’s left to Tend..

And it’s Snowing, snowing Now..

Each Footprint in the Snow,
Though Time may have Erased,
Does not Negate, the Many Miles
I walked to Find This Place.

Halfway Down the Path, I now stare Straight Ahead
Filled with wonder, partly Dread..

If I take a Wrong Turn, will there still be Time,
To Seek the Answers, I have Yet to Find?
I should be Going, No Time to Delay,
Yet the bags I carry, Seem heavier Today..

And it’s Snowing, snowing Now..

Each Footprint in the Snow
Will have to do for Now
Together We will Find Our Way,
And I’ll get Home Somehow.

And it’s Snowing, snowing Now..