Live at the St. George (DVD)


Ann Sweeten in Concert at the St. George Theatre
Staten Island, NY
May 18, 2013, 8:00 pm
90 minutes of uninterrupted Concert footage including intimate conversations with the audience. 20 Original Scores spanning Ann Sweeten’s entire Recording Career. The next best thing to being there!



I know that Hurricane Sandy was devastating to so many of you: your neighbors, family and friends and companion animals, and I cannot imagine the kind of heartache that comes with losing not only your homes, but keepsakes, heirlooms, things that can never be replaced. It takes special courage to surmount all that and I guess it comes down to the triumph of the will of the human spirit. I find it’s particularly amazing that in the wake of all the devastation that hit Staten Island, and the surrounding areas of New York City, the St. George stands unmarked. Perhaps, as with the will of the human spirit, it is a symbol of the power of Art, in all its forms, that Creativity and the need for self-expression will triumph and never be lost to a civilization. Art has the power to heal and I hope that tonight’s concert may be helpful in that regard.