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In the Wake

Released: 2011


Available as a physical CD or digital download. The digital download comes complete with the album’s liner notes.

“A delicate jewel in a Renaissance background… outstanding technique; No wonder her previous “piano offerings” have been consoling and almost aurally healing thousands of hearts so far. Brilliant!””

Nuovi Talenti Musicali

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1. Was it Yesterday

2. Falling Leaves

3. Metamorphosis
4. Love Remembered
5. A Chance for Goodbye
6. In the Wake
7. On Wings of Light

8. Out of Embers

9. The Abyss

10. October Sky

11. Now, and Again

“In the Wake” is best a metaphor for life… There are those who look ahead of the vessel… the captains, crew, or just those along for the ride, and those who glance behind, at the wake, perhaps a bit too often. I am such a person…

Album Notes (continued)

My journey thus far, has been one of great joy and great loss. This album merely speaks to their echo. “In the Wake” of all that has happened then, I give you these words

Oh to be the wise and careful captain
With eyes unerring straight ahead
But how foolish, I instead,
Keep the watch that time has fled.

In the wake of lives and dreams
And chapters long since turned,
I feel a sadness so complete
For all I still so yearn.

But of tomorrow then, I ask,
What do we really know?
For now, I’ll paint the colors of today
And dream in those of yesterday.

For now and again, they will appear,
Oh so tender and so dear,
The moments past, their nectar, sweet,
And now, I lay me down to sleep.

        A.S. 11/17/10

… In closing, know that as the vessel continues amidst life’s uncharted waters, and journeys forward, so do I, despite myself, and the wake recedes.


Performances in order of appearance

Ann Sweeten
Steinway Baby Grand, Model B

Will Ackerman
Acoustic Guitar (Was it Yesterday? Out of Embers)

Trisha Craig
Flute (Was it Yesterday?)

Akane Setiawan
English Horn (Falling Leaves,
On Wings of Light)
Oboe (Now, and Again)

Andrew Eng
Viola, Violin (Love Remembered)
Viola (October Sky)

Liz Ehrman
Cello (A Chance for Goodbye;
Now, and Again)


Produced by Ann Sweeten and Will Ackerman

Recorded at Imaginary Road Studios,
Windham County, VT

Composed and performed by Ann Sweeten

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton:
At Imaginary Road Studios

Visual Artistic Direction and Photography by Randy Yoder:
RBY Photography, Salem, MA

Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers:
Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A.

Piano Technician:
William Ballard

“Warm, loving music that absolutely envelops the listener. You get so caught up in the music, that you are swallowed up in it. Gorgeous music.”

WMNR, Fine Arts Radio (New York, Connecticut)


“..beauty incarnate”, “a joy to hear”

Muzikreviews.com.com, Rating: 5 Stars


“In The Wake is a showcase for the skills that have elevated Ann Sweeten to such lofty musical heights. Her music is both contemplative and emotionally evocative, providing a world-class listening experience.”

Awareness Magazines


“…elegant music… exquisite piano artistry…”

Music and Media Focus, Rating: 5 Stars


“In my opinion Ann is among the best performing pianists on the planet today.”

Zzaj Productions, Rating: Most Highly Recommended


“As usual, Sweeten’s compositions are striking and beautiful, complemented by Sweeten’s gorgeous performances. Some of her playing is simple and understated, and some of it is very complex and involved. But it is all effortlessly and expertly controlled, evidence of a true maestro at work.”

The RajMan Review


“A delicate jewel in a Renaissance background… outstanding technique; No wonder her previous “piano offerings” have been consoling and almost aurally healing thousands of hearts so far. Brilliant!”

Nuovi Talenti Musicali


“Sweeten’s graceful touch and fluid playing style are beautifully expressed… the sound quality of the music is flawless… sure to be another chart-topper for Ann Sweeten!”



“I have the antidote to a riotous life, or perhaps normal life just getting too much. It is the sweet sounding piano of Ann Sweeten. This composer/musician has the gift of making albums of melodic peace and calm that will wrap around you like that favourite duvet and give you a hug.”

The Borderland (UK)


“Ann Sweeten has one of the more distinctive and recognizable musical signatures among all the piano/keyboard players recording in New Age music today.”

The Zone Reporter