Flying Solo Silhouette (CD)



Sweeten’s first entirely Solo Piano album featuring some of the finest work of her career. Her signature style of heady technique, keen melodic sensibility and passionate performance is once again profoundly evident in this stunning collection.

“Some artists just have that something extra kind of special sauce that puts them in a category all their own and Sweeten is at the head of that class.  A masterful solo piano outing, this is bar-raising instrumental music that hits the target as squarely as possible.  Killer stuff throughout for the real muso.”-Midwest Record




This album is a reflection on the work I have done at Imaginary Road Studios over the past decade and across 5 albums co-produced with Will Ackerman. I had wanted to put out an entirely solo album that takes a look back and Will offered to take a listen to that body of work over the last 10 years. Our goal was to create a playlist sequence from 55 compositions that would flow seamlessly from one to the other but yet stand apart to showcase the very wide diversity and breadth of my compositions and nuance of performance.

Will and I are both thrilled with the end result and send it out in the world for your listening pleasure. The album is approximately one hour and all compositions were re-mixed and re-mastered completely to create this new entity. So here’s quite literally to “Flying Solo”, as on the Concert Stage! Enjoy the Flight!