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Happy Holidays From Ann!

Love Walks Through Rain is #1 pick in the ‘Top 20 Ambient/New Age’ category in Textura’s 2023 roundup!


Well it’s that time of year again and the holidays are upon us! I so love this time of year, all the decorating, so cozy with hearths ablaze, doggies snoozing next to them, Christmas trees aglow with tiny lights, get togethers with family and friends…

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July 2023 Update From Ann

Click here to listen to Love Walks Through Rain on your favorite streaming platform!

Hi there! Now that the new album has officially been released, I wanted to share some news about Amazon’s Pre-order promotion. Love Walks Through Rain hit the #2 spot for Amazon’s Pre-order for New Age and #1 for Relaxation!

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Love Walks Through Rain Coming June 9!

A lot has been happening in the last couple months as we prepare for the launch of my new album Love Walks Through Rain. In addition to the Broadcast campaign we have also hired a PR Company to handle a host of different things including Social Media platforms.  So...

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Recent Reviews

Wind and Wire Reviews Love Walks Through Rain

While throughout her career, Sweeten has maintained a singular style, how she differentiates in successive albums is a refinement of both artistry and literal technique, honing her talent on each release to a finer degree in subtle but perceptible ways. Certainly, she has been through a lot in recent years, but if those trials have contributed to her music and given her even more impetus, well, then that is the silver lining to her grey cloud. Some people thrive on challenges and with Ann Sweeten, she has not just risen to the challenges of her life, but she continues onward despite them. To that I say “Bravo.”

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Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck’s Review of Love Walks Through Rain

Ann Sweeten has an extensive discography to share with music lovers. Love Walks Through Rain has assured a place amongst one of her favorite recordings. She shares her music on a magnificent Steinway piano with exceptional grace and precision. Her soul’s emotional depth and impact in the music is felt strongly. Ann Sweeten has created another masterwork of piano instrumentals that will leave an indelible mark on you. You will be compelled to listen..

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The Further’s Review of Love Walks Through Rain

Ann Sweeten’s album “Love Walks Through Rain” is a poetic and magistral project, showcasing her unmistakable signature in the realm of classical music. From the enchanting melodies of “Valley Greene” to the otherworldly orchestral reprise, this instrumental opus embodies a decidedly unique style, effortlessly embracing classical, jazz, film scoring, new age, and popular music elements.

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Contemporary Fusion Reviews Love Walks Through Rain

With a career spanning over two decades, Sweeten has established herself as one of the most prominent figures in contemporary instrumental music. “Love Walks Through Rain” builds upon Sweeten’s already impressive body of work, showcasing her growth as an artist while maintaining her distinctive style.  Upon listening, one hears Ann’s lifelong classical training front and center, her fingers effortlessly dancing across the keys, turning emotion into musical light. Listeners will be swept away by this album’s emotional depth and its ability to touch the very core of the human spirit.

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New Music Alert Reviews Love Walks Through Rain

When I am penning this review, I am still a captive of the magical spell of her new album ‘Love Walks Through Rain’. This enamoring composition is deeply moving instrumental piano music, a masterly accomplishment.   Ann Sweeten’s versatile musical abilities and her masterly expertise in playing the piano have made this spectacular work possible like a miracle.

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Mystic Living Today Reviews Love Walks Through Rain

Elegant is the word that comes to mind for Ann and her music. Offering 11 generous tracks, Love Walks Through Rain is a deeply soul-stirring album.. The blanket of lush, melodic reverie inspires positive emotional and mental states. Love is one of the strongest human emotions in existence, and as Ann will tell you, Love is the steady gait as we seek to navigate life’s ups and downs.

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A Review of Love Walks Through Rain from Robin B James

Listening to Love Walks Through Rain is as easy as taking in a breeze, the instrumental piano magic just flows, eventually bringing a full spectrum of the quiet emotions.  Every track is unique, and each note brings a history. What I hear is music that reaches beyond New Age, and leans toward a classical piano crossover and neo-classical, a sound that, somehow transcends spiritual levels and transports the listener to a higher plane. Ann helps us feel all emotions with this album.

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JW Vibe Reviews Love Walks Through Rain

Ann Sweeten’s gloriously composed and performed album Love Walks Through Rain is a project that will make you wish we were back in the 90s, when the multi-faceted Steinway artist first started hitting the Top 5 on the NAR and ZMR radio charts – and creative packaging, art direction and liner notes were as much a part of the artists’ expression as the songs on the album.

Stated simply, Love Walks Through Rain is one of the most heartrending, emotionally hard hitting piano driven albums in years, showing us that, even amidst the shadows of melancholy and heartbreak that seem to be a necessary part of the journey, life is still very much worth living.

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Chakuna Machi Asa Reviews Love Walks Through Rain

Brilliant Heartwarming Piano Album
Love Walks Through Rain is an exceptional work of art. Ann is one of the best at story telling through her musical composition. If you simply enjoy connecting to nature or you have recently experienced deep grief from loss you will be soothed by the compassionate perseverance that is transmitted through these sounds. With the greatest joy in life, we often experience the greatest loss. But, most of us would agree that we would do it all over again, if we could, because it is love that makes life worth living. This message is conveyed strong and clear throughout the album, including in the beautiful poems, of the liner notes. Ann’s many fans will be delighted with this new work, evidence that her energy is strong despite her heroic battle against cancer and leukemia.

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