Love Walks Through Rain Coming June 9!

A lot has been happening in the last couple months as we prepare for the launch of my new album Love Walks Through Rain. In addition to the Broadcast campaign we have also hired a PR Company to handle a host of different things including Social Media platforms.  So don’t be surprised if you start to see posts from me in a much more frequent manner than before.  Also, I hired a new designer to reconfigure my website,, so please check it out!!  A newsletter will go out periodically but it will also be on my website in the form of a blog. 

I recorded the album at Imaginary Road Studios again with Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton.  Joining forces with these guys is always a sure bet! Will had this to say:  “One of the most talented pianists and composers on the scene today..Love Walks Through Rain, continues to beguile with brilliantly played melody.. Ann’s best work to date.” 

While folks do still listen to CDs there are a host of others who don’t so I wanted you to know that you may listen on your favorite streaming platform through this website: Just type in the Album name, and you’ll have several options for where and how you can hear it.  Also, in addition to the physical CD available through my site as before, we have added the digital equivalent which includes all the liner notes.  And the liner notes can always be read under each CD’s cover on site as well.  

As always, thank you for listening, and truly hearing the music!  For now, signing off with these stellar pre-release quotes: 

“Sweeten excels at fashioning material that speaks with immediacy to listeners’ inner lives, no matter how different their experiences might be. The opening words of Keatss Endymion (1818), “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” come to mind as I listen to Sweetens latest offering..its easy to imagine listeners swooning to Love Walks Through Rain and its predecessors decades from now when they present music of such emotional authenticity.”

Textura – Ron Schepper

Brilliant Heartwarming Piano Album 

“Love Walks Through Rain is an exceptional work of art. Ann is one of the best at story telling through her musical composition. If you simply enjoy connecting to nature or you have recently experienced deep grief from loss you will be soothed by the compassionate perseverance that is transmitted through these sounds. With the greatest joy in life, we often experience the greatest loss. But, most of us would agree that we would do it all over again, if we could, because it is love that makes life worth living. This message is conveyed strong and clear throughout the album, including in the beautiful poems, of the liner notes. Ann’s many fans will be delighted with this new work, evidence that her energy is strong despite her heroic battle against cancer and leukemia.”

Chakuna Machi Asa

Ann Sweeten’s gloriously composed and performed album Love Walks Through Rain is a project that will make you wish we were back in the 90s, when the multi-faceted Steinway artist first started hitting the Top 5 on the NAR and ZMR radio charts – and creative packaging, art direction and liner notes were as much a part of the artists’ expression as the songs on the album. Stated simply, Love Walks Through Rain is one of the most heartrending, emotionally hard hitting piano driven albums in years, showing us that, even amidst the shadows of melancholy and heartbreak that seem to be a necessary part of the journey, life is still very much worth living. 

Jonathan Widran – THE JW VIBE