July 2023 Update From Ann

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Hi there!

Now that the new album has officially been released, I wanted to share some news about Amazon’s Pre-order promotion. Love Walks Through Rain hit the #2 spot for Amazon’s Pre-order for New Age and #1 for Relaxation! And 4 weeks later is still #1 in Relaxation and just hit #1 in New Age! The ratings change hourly but it has been holding pretty steady!

I have been doing a number of interviews. This is a link to a podcast with ClassicalXover4U in the UK

Here is a lovely interview with Global Heart out of the Netherlands

And another published July 7 @ 9am EST at the Cross-Eyed Pianist Publication in the UK

Also, I have a couple more stellar quotes to share from Media:

Listening to Love Walks Through Rain is as easy as taking in a breeze, the instrumental piano magic just flows.. Every track is unique, and each note brings a history. What I hear is music that reaches beyond New Age, and leans toward a classical piano crossover and neo-classical, a sound that, somehow transcends spiritual levels and transports the listener to a higher plane. 

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Robin B. James - Medium.com

Humans look to music for several ends. During an unexpected hour, their soul’s search finds the most fitting composition that addresses their spiritual zest and the process reveals to them who their favorite artist is. Ann Sweeten is one such exceptional talent in the world of piano.  When I am penning this review, I am still a captive of the magical spell of her new album ‘Love Walks Through Rain’. This enamoring composition is deeply moving instrumental piano music, a masterly accomplishment.  Piano is a versatile instrument, successfully serving the artists’ intents across multiple genres. However, it requires the ingenious dexterity of a gifted artist like Sweeten to unlock its fullest potential to elevate human consciousness. She seems to be always at her best in extracting soul-stirring tunes from her piano, which directly address the cravings of the subconscious mind.

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Vivek Kumar – New Music Alert

During this time period over the last same 4 weeks, I have been working on a holiday album as well, but one day I heard a catastrophic news story that brought me to sobbing tears. What a juxtaposition to composing, yet “the burden of deep emotion, gives rise to inspiration.” A.S.

Over 63,000 pounds of shark fins, considered what may be the world’s largest confiscations of shark fins, were seized by Brazilian officials destined for Asian markets.  Some of these sharks are also ENDANGERED!  Do you have any idea how many sharks they would have killed in order to reach that amount?  It is estimated that 73 MILLION sharks are killed for this purpose each YEAR!!!!!  This is only their fin, and once cut off, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and die, defenseless and suffering.  Sharks are imperative for the health and balance of the Ocean as they keep it clean to put it in the most simple of terms.  They are a necessary part of that incredible but fragile ecosystem and man is steadily destroying it by his actions.  This is but another example of how greed is drowning humanity, while crushing its innocent victims in its wake.

But I did want to close this letter on a higher note! To that light, a wee story: Today I was out driving and a mother Mallard duck and her little brood of about 7 little ones were crossing a busy road.  My heart leapt into my throat as I prayed vehicles would stop.  They did momentarily, a couple swerved, but we stopped, because as all made it across and up and over the curb, the littlest one who was trailing behind could not.  For all his might, he could not jump it.  So I got out, carefully chased him close to the curb, got just under him to give him a little boost and up he popped, scurrying into the brush just above the water.  Mama duck came running over to bring him back to the fold and all was well in the world once again.  It was the highlight of my day.  That I had been given that opportunity to save, if only one small creature, my life was good, more than good, I was ELATED!  While there are so many atrocities on this Earth, it is important to look at the small things, for in each small thing is a greater gift that can heal the soul!  Blessings!